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Peacock Wall Art & Peacock Wall Decor

Peacock Wall Art & Peacock Wall Decor for home decoration

Peacock wall art is the symbol of spirituality, awakening, guidance, and watchfulness. Roman said that the peacock tail has the eyes of the stars. Hindus gave them great importance they associated it with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness, and luck.

The basic purpose of peacock wall decor is to inspire ourselves. We hang this type of art in those places where we spend our free time to enjoy the beauty of nature and do gossips with friends, evening tea or get together with friends. Peacock feathers are the combination of different beautiful colors like blue, green, yellow and many other colors with different shades.

Peacock wall art can be used where we have light colors background like white, off white and many other light colors. This art may be used in open areas such as the front walls of buildings. Like other wall arts, there is no need for a specific color combination of furniture, curtains and other wall colors. This can be used in different places such as homes, clubs, shopping malls, schools decor and children play areas. The Peacock wall decor enhances the beauty of these places.

In the past, there was no concept of wall art they use their photos and some other kinds of scenery but nowadays people use different innovative ideas like 3D wallpapers and other techniques like water painting, oil painting, and poster printing. Canvas art and abstract art are common trends nowadays.

Cheap Ideas of Peacock Wall Art

  1. Use colors that are easily available in your home. It not necessary that you use specific colors you may also use with your choice like white peacock painting may use on dark backgrounds.
  2. If you have not specific color papers you may also use scrap papers with poster color and watercolors.
  3. When we make its long tail and feathers we may use different bottle caps and different types of circles.

Importance of colors in peacock wall art

  1. Green: when we use green color in this art it gives us refreshment and relaxation of eyes. It also gives an impact on where we use.
  2. Blue:Blue color is a sign of royalty. It also gives the impact of vast.
  3. Golden: This is also the royal color and also gives us the impact of royalty.

Varieties of Peacock Wall Art

  1. Simple peacock wall art

There are no hard and fast rules to adopt this type of painting. Painters generally paint the wall with the help of colors and brushes. This type of peacock wall décor is far away from reality.

  1. 3D, 7D peacock wall art

When we use this type of painting it just looks like the original. When we use this type of painting sometimes people get confused that it is painted or original.

  1. Peacock feathers wall art

Some people use original feathers for walls or corners decoration. They use them in any color of the vase. There are no restrictions to use its feathers either directly on walls with different angles and directions. In short words, this type of wall decoration is attractive, beautiful, and simple and admirable because the peacock is one of the most beautiful creations of God.

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